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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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liz: special election in louisiana to fill the senate seat vacated by jeff sessions. thanks for having us in your homes. lauren: you are watching making money *. president trump is directing his team to explore sanctioning beijing for the acquisition. american technology. >> it's my duty and responsibility to protect american workers from unfair and abusive actions. we'll go after the piracy that steals american jobs. we'll protect forgotten americans who have been left behind by a global trade system
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that failed to look. and i mean look out for their interests. lauren: wall street shrugging off the president's comments even as china reportedly is threatening a trade war with the united states in retaliation. more on what this means for the market and your wallets. first we go to adam shapiro who has the details from trump tower. reporter: the president when he comes back here later this evening will be continuing his working vacation. the protesters gathered to protest the situation in charlottesville and in a way the china policy. the china policy is designed to put pressure on china to put pressure on north korea. some of these protesters are
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concerned about the escalation with north korea and president trump. before he signed the order of an investigation into chinese trade policies he said this. you are empowered to consider all avail and options that your disposal. we'll safeguard the trademarks, copyright and intellectual property that's so important to our prosperity. reporter: this angered the chinese who said this group could poison the trade relations. but he also picked up an ally, herod brown, a democrat. he said i look forward to working with president trump and his administration to reso the
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our trade policy so it works better for american workers and manufacturers. this is what will greet president trump in three hours when he comes back to new york. lauren: adam shapiro, thank you for that report and showing us that crowd of protesters outside of trump tower. let's bring in the panel. we have gordon chang, the author of "the coming collapse of china." good to see all of you gentlemen, happy monday. let me begin with you, gordon. this an investigation into an investigation that the president is suggesting. is he right? >> there needs to be some action on chinese intellectual property.
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the tine ease take $250 to $300 billion a year in u.s.i.t. having an investigation to see if we need a section 1 or 3 investigation doesn't make sense. and we don't need the 301. we know what the chinese have been doing. we should directly go to remedies. under section 301 there are a lot of remedies president trump can impose on the chinese which is clearly criminal behavior. lauren: this would be the administration trying to leverage china to help them with the north korea threats? ford: the president said the probe is unrelated. the president has given president xi a lot of wiggle room. this is an indication wants to turn up the heat on china and
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make them think about it. as everybody on this panel knows, with north korea we are running out of time. we need china to fix north korea's behavior. lauren: let's say we get into a trade war with china. do you expect china to retaliate? and how would that affect american consumers. >> it will be retaliatory. it will go both ways. most of know i'm an outspoken critic of the trumpian rhetoric on this subject. but in this particular case, i agree with my colleague. this is the one area they are painfully guilty of. the area of currency manipulation he backed off. the repercussions of prosecuting that claim are worse. in this particular case there are stipulations in place as to
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what they can do. the whole thing right now is more political. you see sherrod brown coming in it keys up both sides to get credit. but ultimately i don't think there is economic impact until it goes to someone with teeth. you want to start a trade war with china? you put tariffs on aluminum and steel. the 301 probe could last over a year. this is a dance to force china's hand on north korea. but you will be hard pressed to find a trade expert. trump is standing up for american companies and the american worker. lauren: part of the reason for his victory is he appealed to the rust belt and got their support. if you look at the u.s. trade
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deficit with china. it's $350 billion. >> added services is $309 bill. we have been running persistently for trade deficits in the $300 trillion range. we are in a trade war. it's just that the chinese are fighting it and they are not. we have got to also wage. there is going to be fallout for this. you can't pursue bad trade policies over the course of decades and expect there are only good solutions. the question is what is good for the united states overall. this is something that has got to get done. >> it's an america fir policy we have seen from this administration. >> we are also hearing from senator chuck schumer, a democrat. president trump talks tough on china.
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>> they are daring them. the currency issue is the best example. by no means is president trump the first to have jaw boned on that. labeling china a currency manipulator carries more consequence to us than it does to them. president trump who has prevailed. i'm not -- senator schumer is daring president trump to go forward. in this particular area, they announce the investigation, then they go. we have self steps in the process. lauren: what do you see as the future of what was announced today? ford: we don't know. we'll find out where this probe goes. but you have to ask yourselves a simple question. given what's happened with intellectual property, you would be hard pressed to find a trade expert who disagrees with trump.
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why hasn't someone does this in the last couple years? this is where you start because no one disagrees with it. it's that simple. lauren: now is the time to do it gordon. >> we should have done it 10 years ago but at some point we have got to do it. though we'll bear costs, we have to do this. lauren: thank you, gentlemen. coming up, what was a political victory for the president. china stepping up and agreeing to sanctions to curb the north korean threat. is that in jeopardy after president trump's latest move to sanction beijing for allegedly stealing technology. we'll discuss next. don't let dust and allergens get between you
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lauren: is make unprecedented moves to curb the north korean threat. all this unfolding as president trump announces an investigation into beijing's trade policies which critic worry will affect china's future role in curbing the north korea threat. joining us, michael and mikala.
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in the wall street journal op-ed today we heard from the defense secretary and the secretary of state saying we are ready to respond should north korea provoke us, but we need to pressure china more. what can we do? >> we are rear assuring our allies in the u.s. and japan that we are there for them. this message from tillerson and mattis today, what i liked about it, they said we are changing the strategy of strategic patience to strategic accountability. is the u.s. trying to force regime change? in this op-ed they said they were off the table saying they are not there to change out the regime. we are just there to make sure they don't develop a nuclear
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capability. at some point it need to happen. lauren: the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff meeting with top leaders there to explore a potential military option, also to assure south korea we are on your side and we'll make sure you are safe. but in this potential military intervention, what what it look like? >> it would be a difficult endeavor. and the path there and out of there would not be very pretty. it's very important for us to clearly articulate what our game is as far as north korea goes. and i'm glad that we are developing options. i'm glad we have systems and military and economic options in place.
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lauren: over the weekend it seems calmer heads prevailed, hence the market was up today. but defense secretary mattis said we'll know within moments where a missile coming from north korea, where it's going to land. and should that happen, it's quote game on. >> mattis is the warrior monk. he knows how to say thing. kim jong-un hinted we may not be able to hit guam, the trike would be off the coast of guam. that may be something our defense system sees the missiles won't come anywhere close to it. and that gives us a stand down option. but like mattis said if it goes towards guam, game on. south core reran media reporting
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kim jong-un has been briefed on an attack near guam and he will examine the plan for a long time. should we in the u.s., should un act on this plan and say we are going to fire a missile near guam. do u.s. missiles have the accuracy to strike their intended target? >> if there is a launch on to guam or guam that threaten u.s. forces we should strike the missile back. i don't think we would do it if it phase or if it falls into the sea. i couldn't think we would -- i don't think we would use our missile assets in the area. but we should shoot it down if it's headed towards americans. lauren: michael, do you believe we have not only the ability to
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launch a missile accurately if need be and our equipment is modern and where it needs to be. but do we have a tha -- do we he the thaad system up and running. >> we have done two tests off the coast of california and we demonstrated that capability? lauren: accurate? >> accurately. it's whether he conducts an artillery strike on south korea targeting seoul. he holds south korea hostage. lauren: 25 mill people held hostage and hanging in the balance. one of the reasons general dunford is in the region today. mikhaela, i know you don't have a critical ball. but how do you think this winds up. we see the provocations on both
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sides. escalating monday night. put this on the calendar tomorrow or tuesday. it is tomorrow in korea. it's also their national liberation day. is that prime time in your fin for perhaps a missile launch. we seat protests in new york city in front of trump tower as we await president trump's arrival to new york city. arrests are starting to happen. adam shapiro, what are you hearing, what are you seeing? reporter: the arrests haven't begun just yet. i want you to see the large police presence. what the new york police department has been announcing over loud speakers is pedestrians are forbid on come into the street and block traffic. traffic is blocked. but pedestrians are also forbidden from blocking the side streets. there were pedestrians or protesters who blocked some of
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the side streets and they made the announcement for those people to disperse. but what you can expect before president trump arrives, perhaps the protesters will become a little more aggressive and willing to be arrested and they won't be listening to the police. you see police lining up along fifth avenue in preparation for the president. you hear the nypd on the loud speakers say there will be arrests if you don't move. lauren: where i am south and west of you. we can see the traffic building up as people trying to get home, it's rush hour. trying to get around that situation. adam shapiro thank you. excuse me, are you aware of what's happening right now? we're facing 20 billion security events every day. ddos campaigns, ransomware, malware attacks... actually, we just handled all the priority threats.
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>> this is president trump and i lot of people of alabama. i hope you go out and vote for luther strange for senate. it's so important that you do. lauren: 's that's president trump campaigning for luther strange. for the first time in 20 years, louisiana has a competitive senate race. back with me now, ford o'connell. you also worked on his 2016 campaign. let me begin with you, emily. is trump's evengoersment of luther strange a game changer? >> it is a game changer.
6:25 pm
but it's about mitch mcconnell. strange is a conservative. and other people are supporting the anti-establishment conservatives. so donald trump siding with mitch mcconnell is a game changer. it's hard to say what will happen tomorrow. lauren: you bring up mitch mcconnell because his super pac funded $8 million in attack ads against mo brooks and moore. tell me about working with luther strange. ford: luther strange always great candidate. he's an alabama business conservative. here is the problem. since i last worked in alabama there have been tectonic plate
6:26 pm
shifts that have gone not state. you have a social conservative. and a business conservative. he and moore will make the runoff. then you have to have 50% to be the nominee. the question is whether luther strange can consolidate the other candidates. donald trump believes strange will play ball with his healthcare and tax reform strategies. lauren: emily, ford summed it up perfectly for us. do you expect a big turnout tomorrow? >> big turnout tomorrow i would expect. donald trump won alabama by a lot. so he's popular there. when you are looking at what his endorsement means.
6:27 pm
he could get people to the polls to vote for strange who may not come out otherwise. ford: if jeff sessions goes down and rallies the base, luther strange will work. if not, roy moore could be the next senator from alabama. lauren: president trump condemning the violence in charlottesville, virginia. we'll have the details next. parodontax, the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try parodontax toothpaste. ♪ why should over two hundred years of citi history matter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about progress: that whether times are good or bad, people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward.
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lauren: let's bring you breaking news, president trump just tweeting his travel plans for this evening, leaving for new york city, with meetings on military purchases and trade, coming home to massive protests here in new york city. nypd outside of trump tower. we can see the traffic lining up, we're just blocks away. we can see crowd continue to grow, president speaking out on violence in charlottesville, virginia. >> racism is evil. and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs. including the kkk, neo-nazis, twic white supremacists and other hate groups that are
6:32 pm
repugnant to everything that we hold dear as americans. lauren: will the president's comments today quiet his critics over the remarks he made saturday where he didn't call out the groups specifically. not all of them. joining me now adam goodman. pastor darrel scott. serves as ceo on national diversity coalition for trump. did donald trump strike the right cord today? is this when the nation needed to hear. >> absolutely, he spoke in general terms saturday, and more specific today, we went down the line, he highlighted each group that he thought was participating in that horrendous activity from the other day, i think he hit a home run, now his critics are not going to appreciate it no matter what, if he call have called out everyone individually by name, they
6:33 pm
still would not like it. lauren: is this too later too late, there are always protesters when president comes in to his hometown, a democratic city. is this message, when he said today, ises renail nated -- resonated, was it too little to late. >> the message he gave over week was right, he condemned all hate, all violence, all racism. sadly, you do have those individuals who are critical of him no matter what he say or does. you would think following these tragic, vine events, we have three people who lost their lives, 19 injured, you would think that people would like to come and rally together, unfortunately have you individuals like maxine waters, saying this is the white is u is up i-t
6:34 pm
supremacists of the white house, and she is supposed to be a leader. lauren: that is interesting, does the white house need a keuhl caka communication director right now. do you think if trump said this on saturday, would it be different? >> they tried several times to get the communication part right, it is not about having the wrong message, it is not being delivered effectively, and compellingly. with an issue like this, what makes president of united states any executive position of politics different than allege latest position in times like this, you almost want to hear from like a parent saying, it's going to be okay. the president got his footing today, i wish he had been a little bit clearer the day before, we have continued to that we live in a society that
6:35 pm
has been segregated into warring factions where everyone seems to be out to score a point at the expense of another, the biggest thing that should come out this weekend is a rally in america to pull together, we have failed to do that. >> all right, president tweeting, made additional remarks o on on charlottesville, and realized against that fake news media will never be satisfied, truly bad people. pastor, i am up against a hard break, we'll be right back. stay with us.
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lauren: new tonight, one may jury terror organization calls for a tax on trains in u.s., true to security at train hubs. it's whooping cough.
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crowds are growing outside of trump tower in new york city, extending to where our studios are, rush hour in new york city. some arrests have been made. let's go to adam shapiro on the scene. what do you know, adam? reporter: you might see arrests, we're pinned in by nypd, i am not sure that arrests have been made where we are. they were preparingf for arrests, i want to show you scene, police officers about 10 minutes ago, we sent that video back live. i don't know if we can show you, here. the guys with zip ties, those are the for lack of a better term, the handcuffs that will be used if protest ors should walk in to the streets. to give you an idea, what of you are looking at on fifth avenue. think be ar back to black
6:40 pm
lives matter. protesters walked over brooklyn bridge, that situation has been averted, there is a great deal of barricading, the protesters are pushed, politely, to 57th street, nypd have moved the protestors to a tight confined space corner o 57th then down, then to 56th, and then north of us, 58th and 59th street, the protesters are contracted into a holding pen, anyone who should break out of that, would then face the police officers with the zip ties, there is a large present of police officers here, at-this-point, when you say arrests have been made. i can't say that from our vantage point. does not mean it has not happened, earlier there rt bullhorn announcements from
6:41 pm
nypd telling, anyone who crossed into the street, blocked traffic or obstructed movement, will be arrested. here. no one we've seen has been arrested, but others perhap its has. lauren: continue to monitor that. anyway you can compare the amount of people or the intensity to other protests that we've seen? reporter: you know, a good question. you know, 100 people looks like 100,000 people when you are in the middle. i am not a good source. but there are a great many people, there is probably an aerial shot. i don't know if wnyw has their chopper in the air, what is interesting is crowd control. this is fifth avenue, you saw protests tw two or three years ago where the different avenues had been blocked by
6:42 pm
the protesters, not this time, they were setting up barricade. bringing in sand trucks, fifth avenue was squeezed out to two lanes then shut off all day, that was a slow process. and crowd control, i don't believe that people gathering for demonstration realized they were pushed to when i am saying are holding peps -- pens, they are then pushed bab down the west away from trump tower. and it is a interesting concept for crowd control, the crowd is over there. and then west. which is away from trump tower. lauren: adam, nypd is encouraging new yorkers to use mass transit and avoid driving there. near 57th and east. >> yes. lauren: we'll have latest development on protests when we come back, plus, venezuela responding to president trump's threat of military
6:43 pm
action there. we'll be right back. got you outnumbered.
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lauren: from one crisis to another, venezuela president maduro held an anti-imperialist protest this morning, a tre direct response to president trump's claim that u.s. has a military option on the table for venezuela. vice president pence, defending the president while in colombia. >> president trump's made it clear, we will not stand by while venezuela collapses under this leadership, as venezuela crumbles it is purpose to note that
6:47 pm
president's failed state in venezuela threatens security and prosperity of our hemisphere and the people of the united states of america. lauren: is it wrong for u.s. to keep all our option to table. we bring in younger -- gunnery sergeant jesse jame duff. it is it right? >> this presidenta always jeaniugenius in letting every country know they or watch. it does not matter what people think about his words, what matters is that the dictator down there realized he is being watched. and we will not tol tolerate them murdering their people. we have hezbollah influence, iranian influence, cuban influence because of country,
6:48 pm
because of the vice president he selected. we're looking at a national security risk to our known continent if we don't ensure, they know that we're watching what they are doing. especially with that faulty election they just pulled off. lauren: eric, you used to live in venezuela, i don't know if you still have friends and family there can you describe what it is like to live under me durao -- me maduro in venezuela. >> it is frustrating, and horrible, they are starving, there is no healthcare, and very basic necessities. you have a political factions that used to work together in past in relatively peaceful process, pit th pitted against each other. there is more hatred than before, people are in dire needs there. this has been a humanitarian crisis for in time, it has
6:49 pm
been clear, it is now a potential national security threat to us in united states. lauren: that is something pompeiiio saipom -- pompeo said that th the instability opens doors for u.s. adversaries. >> this started with hugo chavez, they were smuggling drugs and weapons this has been passed on. the vice president that maduro has selected has continue as a relationship with iran, and iran has a vo very strong relationship with cuba. and also hezbollah, we have we have a cesspool of people down there now, causing no democracy, no vote and the people are suffering beyond what we could imagine here. with riots, when they start killing their own people in the riots who are unarmed because they took away all
6:50 pm
their guns, they have no way of defending themselves. >> eric, what would you like to see our country do? >> well, i would se say there is a lot of commentary about whether u.s. should interfear ofear -- interfere or not, no one wants a foreign power intervenes, but they don't want a foreign power from middle east, getting in our, venezuelaian people have a right to stand up there are fe themselves, but they don't have the tools. it is in our interest to make sure they have what it takes to make sure democracy and free elections put into place. >> thank you for coming by tonight. >> thank you. lauren: a tax our nation's train, those details coming up. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. it helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause symptoms.
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lauren: we're monitoring breaking news for you, massive
6:54 pm
crowds are growing outside of trump tower, here in new york city. president trump to arrive later. we're not sure if any arrests have been made. it looks like we saw a couple. but we'll continue to monitor this situation for you. >> well al qaeda calling for a tax on the rail system here in the u.s. also in europe. al qaeda magazine, detailed guide on how to target trains, and train stations, pointing out there is less security, there than at the airports, magazine went as far to include stip by step instruction for assembling a train derailment device, we go to jeff flock. reporter: as train about to come in here. it is a train derailing device. and they publicize this in their magazine, inspire, you know published thousand make
6:55 pm
-- how to make bombs and other terrorism. this subject of this one is how to terrorize on the rails. the nation's 200,000 plus miles of railroad track pretty well extensive. and also as you report some easy to hit, because the trains come by in a remote area like this one in gary, indiana. this is a csx freight train, coming by. and rational for this, published in the magazine, i quote, ra rational is to continue to bleed the american economy to more losses and increase psychological warfare and make it worry fear and weaken much more. the device they are talking about. they are blowing the whistle here, i don't know if can you
6:56 pm
hear me, i can't. the idea to put devices on track that would cause the trains to derail, that is what they want to acome plish, i leave you with a picture of train rolling down the track, no derailment. lauren: and sound, jeff flock thank you. >> former u.s. army intelligence officer andrew peak and president herb london, good to see you. we have not seen andrew, train attacks in u.s. >> we have not, and i think unfortunately we're long overdue. you know al qaeda conducted devastating train attacks in london, and in spain in 2004, and 2005, those caused dozens of fatalities and lead to strategic affects, spain dropped out of the war against iraq because of that. so i think it will is a tactic they have used before, and they will use again. lauren: herb, i hate to say this, but is seems like an
6:57 pm
easy target, here in new york city we go to subway every day, you take railroad, you or a train. there is very little security. how come one has not happend. >> in large pa part because we think of planes. and automobiles an attack vehicle, now we'll deal with trains, you cannot be vigilant in an open society, you do all kurk but you recognize vulnerabilities that exist. there is no doubt that things are vulnerable. you come from new york to washington d.c., you recognize the fact that aside from a dog, sniffing for explosives there is really no security. lauren: to my point, why hasn't one happened, am i being naive to say our law enforcement is thwarting potential attacks? >> i think that is part of it i think our dhs and nypd have done a much better job of watching who is coming in the city and transportation
6:58 pm
networks. but i think isis, sort of standard bearer of radical islamic terrorists has encouraged people to not attack trains but drive their cars into crowds, compared to derails trains is easeiary for easier for a terrorist it pull off, i think there is a focus on that tactic. lauren: in the magazine, 3 modes for attack would be inside or outside. from the rail, itself, derailing the train or train station. i know they are all alarming. >> the most alarming is derailment, that could paralyze commercial activities of a given city or region, al qaeda wants to do every they can to upset american public and create a sense of panic, one thing you can do to create an environment where you cannot be sure whether yo you
6:59 pm
can travel from point a to point b, and now the movement of commercial activity. lauren: you don't take a flight every day, but, you do usually take a train every day, that is how most people get to work. >> right, and just the track work at 10 spac penn station. the month of delays it caused a i don't want to say a strategy economic effect but it has hurt a lot of people's live. >> if you travel and washington d.c. to penetratio tto penn station and a train stops in is -- is a >> we're not too local for you. >> you are speaking my language. >> do you think, that this is added pressure on department of homeland security? >> i think they are focus on the pipeline coming in to the country. i think they have to focus who is coming in making sure that
7:00 pm
start of cell leaders are not entering our borders and no technical expertise is getting in. lauren: andrew, and herb thank you. >> thank you. >> we have to end it here, lou dobbs is next right here on fox business. >> good evening, i am david asman in for lou dobbs who is on vacation, trump to depart white house en route to new york network after forcefully denouncing deadly clashes in charlottesville, virginia, directly condepth white supremacists and new neo-nazis by name, president's call for nation to come together following a day of meetings. fox news correspondent kevin corke at the white house with our report. reporter: racism is evil. and those who cause violence


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